White Werx

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Established in 2013, White Werx is a movement-driven performance company based in Detroit, MI.  White Werx serves as a bridge to center professional performance that connects diverse communities  around innovative cultural  ideas. It is through the collaborative process, that White Werx presents new and original multidisciplinary  WERX by Creative Director Marcus White as well as provide innovative performance-centered ENGAGEMENT to develop the creative ecology  and to expand the scope and reach of performance as a critical tool for cultural exchange.

 Marcus White

Founder/Creative Director


Photo Credit: Carlos Funn

A native of North Carolina, Marcus White is an American movement maker, educator, community engagement advocate and cultural WERKer. His work has been described as “ingenious” and “vulnerable” by the Chicago Tribune and according to Dance Panorama is “bold”. As Founder and Creative Director of Detroit-based performance company White Werx,  he creates dance-driven work for the stage and screen.  White’s teaching and creative practice centralizes embodied performance as transformational and are informed by his experiences and embodied investigations of urban and postmodern contemporary dance.  

Creative Vision

I’m interested in the ways we perform our identity in our mobile, complex bodies.  I use and create visual imagery, sound, and performance as  frameworks for my creative process. I enjoy bringing diverse groups together and encourage an invested dialogue with dance artists, community partners, and designers, all of whom I see as collaborators. It is through collective effort and community cultural exchange, where I create multimedia works that engage complex philosophical questions about who we are, why we are here, and how we interact.             



Previous Collaborators: Jennifer Harge, Adriel Ruben



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    White Werx is a movement-driven performance company based in Detroit, MI. White Werx serves as a bridge to center professional performance that connects diverse communities around innovative cultural ideas.