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Dances Made for Camera Series

Presented by DIA’s Detroit FIlm Theatre, the Dances Made for Camera series features dance films co-curated by Marcus White (Marcus White/White Werx) and Dance Films Association in celebration of the Dance: An American Art exhibit at Detroit Institute of Arts.

The First 30 Years of American Screendance

March 19th
Detroit Film Theatre
5200 Woodward Ave

The First 30 Years of American Screendance program features works by pioneers of the dance on camera field. The program highlights five groundbreaking works from filmmakers and choreographers that created an entire new genre of experimental film.

Commitment: Two Portraits
Year: 1987
Duration: 3:16
Choreographer: Blondell Cummings Filmmaker: Bernar Hébert

Chicken Soup, one of two short pieces, blends theatrical characterization with dance idioms, choreographed by late Blondell Cummings.

16 Millimeter Earrings
Year: 1977
Duration: 25:00Creator: Meredith Monk Filmmaker: Robert Withers

A re-creation of the pioneering multidisciplinary work by Meredith Monk, first performed at the Judson Church in New York City in 1966. Ms. Monk is the sole performer. Film provided courtesy of The House Foundation for the Arts.

Ghost line
Year: 2013
Duration: 15:00
Choreographer: Cori Olinghouse Filmmaker: Shona Masarin & Cori Olinghouse

An experimental dance film by filmmaker Shona Masarin and choreographer/performer Cori Olinghouse, “Ghost line” brings together the absurdist impulses of Dada and Surrealism with the kinetics of vaudeville, eccentric dance, and silent film to ask: how do we capture and reimagine—in a parlous age of oversaturation—the ephemeral power of the legacies that haunt us?

On The Sound
Year: 1963
Duration: 8:30
Choreographer: Donald McKayle Filmmaker: Fred Baker

Three celebrated Martha Graham dancers– Donald McKayle, Mary Hinkson and Matt Turney– took dance into the woods and onto the beach in this romp to the jazzy Gryce suite titled “The Rat Race.”

Beach Birds for Camera
Year: 1992
Duration: 26:00
Choreographer: Merce Cunningham Filmmaker: Elliot Caplan

Winner of ‘Best in Show’ at the 1993 Dance on Camera Festival , this adaptation of stage performance features the Merce Cunningham Dance Company, with music by John Cage.

Dance Shorts

April 16th 2016
Detroit Film Theatre
5200 Woodward Ave

Presented by DIA’s Detroit Film Theatre, the Dances Made for Camera program features dance films co-curated by Marcus White (Marcus White/White Werx) and Dance Films Association as a part of the ‘Dance: An American Art’ exhibit.  Selected films are from the archives of the Dance On Camera Festival.

Two Seconds After Laughter
Year: 2011
Duration: 16:07
Written and Directed: David Roussève

Choreography: David Roussève and Sri Susilowati

An original intersection of documentary, dance-for-camera, and dream-like fantasy, Two Seconds After Laughter creates a border-jumping dialogue on a universal irony: The heart longs most for the one place to which it can never fully return… home. With a narrative inspired by choreographer Sri Susilowati’s experience of leaving Java to become a dancer in America, Two Seconds… is a conversation on the nature of memory; a cry of longing caused by separation; and a fable-like tale of the joys and emotional dislocation experienced by contemporary immigrant peoples.

Rules of the Game
Year: 2013
Duration: 8:15
Director/Choreographer: Jeff & Rick Kuperman

Trust dissolves between four factory workers under the unremitting surveillance of the management. Official selection for San Francisco Dance Film Festival, San Souci Dance Film Festival, and Cannes Short Film Corner.

Year: 2013
Duration: 5:00
Choreographer: Janet Wong Filmmaker: Christine Turner

Inspired by the award-winning documentary Homegoings, which explores the African American way of death, dancers from the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company perform an original piece choreographed by Janet Wong with music by Daniel Roumain.

Chicken Boy
Year: 2012
Duration: 7:24
Choreographer: Jia Wu Directed by: Cari Ann Shim Sham

Chicken Boy is a modern day metaphor for the journey of the lonely self to find peace with one’s identity. The film references many famous dance film moments from a span of over 60 years and includes a live accordion player, a masked “Anonymous” man and 4 dancing chickens.

Well Contested Sites
Year: 2012
Duration: 13:00
Choreographer: Amie Dowling Filmmaker: Austin Forbard

Well Contested Sites is a 13- minute dance/theater film that explores the issue of mass incarceration and the complexity of experience faced by those who are incarcerated in jails/prisons. The film is a collaboration between a group of men who were previously incarcerated, Bay Area performing artists, choreographer Amie Dowling and filmmaker Austin Forbord. The piece was created and filmed on Alcatraz Island.

Year: 2014
Duration: 3:50
Choreographer/Filmmaker: Martin and Facundo Lombard

A powerful new piece from the Lombard Twins, a “Dance Scene” set to music by Astor Piazzolla.

Keep Dancing
Year: 2010
Duration: 20:31
Filmmaker: Douglas Turnbaugh and Gregory Vander Veer
Dance Makers: Marge Champion and Donald Saddler

After celebrated careers, legendary dancers Marge Champion and Donald Saddler became friends while performing together in the Broadway Show Follies in 2001. When the show closed, they decided to rent a private studio together, and they have been choreographing and rehearsing original dances ever since. At age 90, they continue to pursue their passion for life through their love and mastery of dance. Keep Dancing seamlessly blends nine decades of archival film and photographs with present-day footage to tell a story through dance of the passing of time and the process of aging.

Official Selection at South by Southwest, Silverdocs, Sedona International Film Festival and over 25 other international film festivals. Nominated for the IDA Short Documentary of the Year Award.

Marcus White/White Werx is a performance production company based in Detroit, MI. MWWW serves as a bridge to center professional performance to connect diverse communities around innovative cultural ideas.

Dance Films Association and the Film Society of Lincoln Center present the Dance on Camera Festival and the Dance on Camera Tour. Dance Films Association receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts and is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary year in 2016.

Tickets: $9.50 for general admission and $7.50 for members, seniors and students.

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    White Werx is a movement-driven performance company based in Detroit, MI. White Werx serves as a bridge to center professional performance that connects diverse communities around innovative cultural ideas.