Movement Workshops

The movement practice workshops encourage students of dance and movement to use their facility to become not just stronger dancers technically, but more productive artists and people.

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The WERKshop

Movers participating in the WERKshop investigate and embody cultural dance forms waacking and vogue.  Students learn foundational history and movement principles while tapping into the ferocity of their own presence. This workshop is great for improving stamina, strength, and performance quality.


12370914_10103178704921678_6935895084497025572_oFind the Groove

Rooted in the legacy of American social dances, this all-ages and all-skill-level workshop creates a space for participants to tap into their inner groove. Each workshop in the ‘find the groove’ series focuses in on various dance and music forms including hip-hop, house, salsa, and/or jazz as entry points to connecting mind, body, and soul.  This fun-filled, informative class includes a warm-up to awaken the entire dancing self, drills to hone in on specific skills, and a movement phrase to practice these skills in a non-competitive, supportive atmosphere.


34732548_screen_shot_2015-09-24_at_6.34.51_pm-994x1024Contemporary Body Flows

This workshop includes distinctive contemporary modern style that explores a wide range of movement vocabularies that involve syncopated rhythms, and lush, organic movement. With a strong emphasis on musicality and creativity this class demands the dancer work from the inside, out to make choices that allow the body to move. This approach to dance challenges students to become the best possible dancers they can be.  Movement phrases are developed based on concepts of body flows  taught for clear understanding and to increase the body’s efficiency in space.

Specialty Workshops

Dance for the Camera

Media tutorials to maximize student understanding of dance performance for the camera.  Different sessions highlight specific aspects of the camera and its relationship to the dancing body. These sessions may include: iPhone dances tutorials, introduction to editing, capturing motion, choreographing for the site of the camera and more.

The Business of Dance Consultations

Learn more about 21st century challenges, tactics, and approaches to becoming a more successful artist/entrepreneur in the United States.   Individual one-on-one consultations are tailored to the specific needs of your brand and business future.

Other Workshops offered:

Choreography/Composition, Dance History and Culture, Improvisation



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