Nick Cave Project

In July The Cranbrook Art Museum [Detroit, MI] hosted a series of Dance Labs initiated by artist Nick Cave. The Labs were research opportunities for guest choreographers to work with Cave’s soundsuits and develop dances for Here Hear a citywide site-specific performance program. Haleem ‘Stringz’ RasulMarcus White and Biba Bell participated in the Labs and recently sat down to revisit the experience. Under a very compressed time frame, the Soundsuits were sent to the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit in early July where the choreographers opened these boxes to see which suits had been assigned to them—at which point they had a week to develop their work. The project pitched a diverse group of dance artists into a similar situation of experimentation and observing process as it relates to the larger goal of rejuvenating and celebrating Detroit’s cultural scene.

Full Interview of the Process – Critical Correspondance, 2015

What: Nick Cave Dance Lab – Here/Hear  and Figure This
Where: Ruth Ellis Center / Masonic Temple – Detroit, MI
Collaborators: DJ John Collins / Nick Cave Visual Artist
Support from: Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Cranbrook Art Museum, Ruth Ellis Center
Film: excerpt of process / produced by Trusty Digital Media

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“For Detroit Artists, Almost Anything Goes”  – New York Times
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