Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 5.14.11 PMThe work looks at what happens when the moving body is under surveillance. How do issues of power and loss arise?  Where does one find solace?


Film Credits

Direction/Choreography: Marcus White
Cast: Anthony Alterio, Meri Bobber, Claire Crause, Michael Parmelee, Nadia Weeks
Production and Post-Production Support: Digital Media Commons
Production Management: Jacques Mersereau
Technical Direction: Rebecca Kephart
Lighting Design: Rebecca Kephart
Lighting Consultant: Jeff Alder
Costume Design: Marcus White
Music Composition: Tim Russell
Audio Consultant: David Greenspan and Rishi Daftuar
Post-Production Editing: Marcus White
Production Dramaturg: Anthony Alterio
Screendance Consultant: Peter Sparling
DMC Facilities: Glenda Radine and Robert Newcomb
Technical Crew:  Kevin Allswede, Alexa Borromeo, Anna Brooks, Harley Dutcher, Rowan Niemesto, Hannah Noel, Victoria Reakfhof, Andrea Rivera, Liz Williams
Photography: Whitney Miller
Special Thanks: Clare Croft, Anita Gonzalez, Christian Matijas-Mecca
Additional film provided by: Ramsey Orta, New York Daily Times, Athens for Everyone, and YouHitNews

Project Supported by:

Institute for Research on Women and Gender
Rackham Graduate School
University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
University of Michigan Libraries
University of Michigan Digital Media Commons
Michigan Dance Council


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    White Werx is a movement-driven performance company based in Detroit, MI. White Werx serves as a bridge to center professional performance that connects diverse communities around innovative cultural ideas.