Marcus White collaborated with Ana Maria Alvarez (Artistic Director, CONTRA-TIEMPO) to direct and produce a dance scene for camera.  This work is inspired by Alvarez’ Agua Furiosa and Marcus White/White Werx current two-year creative project ‘Resilience: The Tidal Wave.’ The dance scene for camera is envisioned to be witnessed as a select scene from a larger work.


How do you find resilience after being subMERGED


The film is set along Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles – a sixteen mile corridor that spans across ethnically, culturally, and economically diverse communities in LA.  Positioning the work at this site allows the work to


Filmmaker: Marcus White

Choreographer: Ana Maria Alvarez in collaboration with the dancers

Sound Score: d. Sabela Grimes

Vocals:  d. Sabela Grimes with Pyeng Threadgill

Dancers (in order of appearance)

Christopher Cuenza, Samad Raheem Guerra, Jannet Galdamez, Bianca Medina

Special Thanks

Music Hall Center for the Perfuming Arts

Vince and Meg Paul

Kara Jenelle

Michel Kouakou

The People of LA


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    White Werx is a movement-driven performance company based in Detroit, MI. White Werx serves as a bridge to center professional performance that connects diverse communities around innovative cultural ideas.